8 Doors Distillery is a new whiskey distillery at the edge of Scotland in John O' Groats. The first whiskey distillery to be there since 1838. In 2022 when they opened their doors they were opened by King Charles, the first whiskey distillery to ever be opened by a King. He has also poured his own cask of Scotch Whiskey, which is still being matured in a barrel.

Write up from the Director.
When chatting to the owners and distillers at 8 Doors Distillery, one word kept coming up and resonating with me. Unrushed. The process of whiskey making may not seem overly complicated but it is a patient process. It is an art of time and a skill that has been distilled over centuries. It rings truth to a line I have always remembered from Toy Story when Woody was being touched up - "You can't rush art!"​​​​​​​
Official Video
Extended Cut
Produced By Krunk Films
Shot and Edited by Matthew Lewis
Voice Over by Ian Stewart

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