Fernsprech Kiosk (or as we know in English, Telephone Kiosk or Booth) was the original name when first released in Berlin in 1881. Adopted years later in 1920 to the UK as a national network of booths. In 1924 the iconic design of the British telephone box, K2, was created. The design was selected as part of a national competition which the architect, Giles Gilbert Scott won. 
Telephone Booths (Fernsprecher Kiosk) were a groundbreaking invention for its time as it was the beginning of connecting people from all around the country/ world together. Now with the evolution of smartphones and the internet the need for fernsprech kiosks are slowly dying. Something that was once new, is now old. They are an iconic landmark for Britains tourism as almost everyone who has visited the country has taken a picture next to, inside or of one. In my recent trip to the UK I saw how they are slowly being dismantled and taken down with some being reused as public library's, leave behinds and even coffee shops. 
This is my visual poetic piece on one I found on the side of the road as an ode to one of mans greatest inventions.
Passion Project by Matthew Lewis.

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